What is Yiddish Song?

At its simplest definition, a Yiddish song is any song written in the Yiddish language. Yet it is more than that, for “Yiddish” describes not only a language, but a whole culture – the culture of the Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish people. As you explore Yiddish song, you will find songs about ordinary life – love, loss, poverty; humorous and satirical songs; songs of resistance and politics; songs of the Holocaust; songs for performance; songs of emigration; songs from the New World; songs from the stage and concert hall. OLD and NEW and indeed, modern songs, including some from Eastern Europe. These songs have an immediate appeal, an emotional depth, and at the same time a connection to the history of a people.

“It is a garden with many trees, a book with various chapters, a palace with numerous rooms.” Elie Wiesel